2012: Unconventional Wisdom

When we are young doing a headstand is easy. Even if we have never done it before.

Especially because we have never done it before.

Our limbs are more flexible and our courage intact. We are devoid of judgement and packed with
curiosity, embracing every chance to try something new with only the slightest pause for thought.
Everything is New. Everything is Wonderful. Everything is Great. Nothing is set in stone and we are not
set in our ways.

As we grow older, our muscles and minds become less agile, alongside our lion heart courage to dare to
ask “Why?” We begin to accept social constructions as universal truths. And embrace the conventional.

In a time were social institutions are faltering and dogmas are being reinvented, we invite you to join us
in questioning everything. In daring to turn the industry, the world and yourself on your head.
Together we’re sure we can learn how to do headstands again, and see things differently.

Join us in turning the conventional upside down.