2013 Speakers

TED is known for its inspirational talks by people from all walks of life, and TEDxOxbridge is no exception. This year’s theme is “Timeless Ideas.” Our programme for 2013 is full, but if you have recommendations for future speakers please email us at content@tedxoxbridge.com. Please stay up to date by liking our page on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Jocelyn Bailey

Jocelyn Bailey, Designer, Think-tanker

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Jocelyn Bailey is a researcher at Westminster think tank Policy Connect, where she runs a stream of activities around design, innovation and manufacturing policy. Her mission is to build up a body of work and an agenda around design policy – those areas of mutual interest to design and politics – and over the last four years has revived its discussion in Parliament. Recent publications include the ‘Restarting Britain’ series, which has looked at the role of design education as a lever for growth, and the application of design to public service reform. Before finding her way into policy she trained as an architect at Cambridge, and is currently finishing an MA in History of Design.

Prajwal Ciryam

Prajwal Ciryam, Scholar and Technologist

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Prajwal Ciryam is interested in finding the rules that underlie complex systems and harnessing them to improve people’s lives — by understanding human disease, global politics, health care systems, and the media. As a former Fulbright Scholar and current St John’s College Benefactors Scholar at Cambridge, he studies the collapse of cellular function in neurodegenerative disease. Prajwal is also CEO of Policy Networks, which is transforming how readers connect with the news by helping them experience the whole picture of world politics in real time. He previously served as Executive Director of a global health non-profit and on the steering committee of Health Care for All Illinois. Currently on leave from medical school at Northwestern University, Prajwal is concurrently a PhD candidate in Chemistry at Cambridge and in Neuroscience at Northwestern.

Nicola Clayton

Nicky Clayton, Scientist and Dancer

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Nicky is the Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University, and a Fellow of Clare College. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2010. She is also Scientist in Residence at the Rambert Dance Company.Her most recent collaboration with artist Clive Wilkins arose out of their mutual interest in imagination, and its consequences for consciousness, identity and memory. They also regularly dance tango together.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding, Relentless enthusiast

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Ed founded FoodTrade, the ‘dating site for food businesses.’ He’s had a career creating social collaboration systems to aid disaster recovery and prevention. He’s now focussing on food as it is not only the most vitally important challenge of our times, but also one of the easiest and quickest to solve. He’s relentlessly optimistic. Ed sits on the London Food Board, is an expert advisor to the European Union’s SmartAgrimatics programme, and works with a number of NGOs to promote sustainable food policies. He holds two world records: one is for ‘most people making chutney from food surplus’ and the other will remain a secret until you buy him a drink…

Kübra Gümüsay, Writer and Columnist

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Kübra Gümüsay is a freelance journalist for Taz, Die Zeit and Der Freitag, a blogger and the first hijabi columnist in Germany. She writes on migration, feminism, racism, and the Internet. In 2011, she was listed amongst the “Top 30 until 30” journalists by Medium Magazine and her blog “Ein Fremdwörterbuch” was nominated for the Grimme Online Award. She has contributed to the books “Skandal! Die Macht öffentlicher Empörung” and “Manifest der Vielen”. Gümüsay is also the co-founder of Zahnräder, a network for Muslim artists, academics, and social entrepreneurs in Germany.

Stephen Honan

Stephen Honan, Engineer & Adventurer

Stephen Honan aspires to build a better Bangladesh. A social entrepreneur, engineer, and naval officer, Stephen was honored by Robert Rotberg, President of the World Peace Foundation, for designing a novel water purification system that removes arsenic from drinking water. The innovation is extremely low cost and fully recyclable; all of the waste from the filter can be converted into a chemical used to produce semiconductors and solar panels. Stephen first began designing the system when he was 15 years old and has recently piloted the filter in Bangladesh, where over 45 million people are currently consuming arsenic contaminated drinking water.

Alexander Kumar

Alexander Kumar, Doctor and Explorer

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A doctor and British-Indian in origin, Alex graduated with a Medical Degree from Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’ in London, following medical placements in India, Israel, Shetland and the Amazon and holds a degree in International (Public) Health. Alex travelled to Antarctica and spent around one year living at Concordia, a joint French-Italian inland Antarctic research station, employed as the Human Spaceflight Research MD to conduct research for the European Space Agency. In early 2013 Alex joined the Shackleton Epic team, under-taking the authentic re-creation of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous escape from Antarctica. He has appeared in a front page feature of the Sunday Times News Review section and interviewed in many radio shows including BBC Radio 4.

Renée Mitchell, Police Pracademic


Sergeant Renée Mitchell is a longtime public servant at the Sacramento Police Department since just before the turn of the century. Renée holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, a Master of Business Administration from the California State University, Sacramento and a Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. She was a 2009/2010 Fulbright Police Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Currently, she is a Jerry Lee Scholar at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge and a Police Fellow with the Police Foundation.

Henrietta L. Moore, Cultural Theorist

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Henrietta is a leading cultural theorist and social anthropologist. She holds the William Wyse Chair in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, where her research interests span gender, sexuality, subjectivity and psychoanalysis. More recent work has focused on virtual worlds and the relationship between new technologies, identity and globalization. Henrietta is also actively involved in applying her academic research to public and private sector issues. She is the Chair and Co-Founder of SHM Productions, a strategy and insight consultancy, as well as a founding Trustee of the SHM Foundation, both of which draw on academic insights into human motivation to boost innovation, capacity and social change.

Merritt Moore

Merritt Moore , Ballerina and Physicist

Merritt Moore was a professional ballet dancer with the Boston Ballet, Zurich Ballet, and Jose Mateo Ballet Company and has been invited to perform in Italy, China, Korea, England, and Germany, to name a few. She graduated with honors from Harvard with a degree in physics and is currently pursuing a PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics at Oxford. She was featured as one of Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women 2010, and has been awarded the Suzanne Farrell Dance Award 2011, the Harvard Artist Development Fellowship, and the Michael von Clemm Fellowship to pursue physics at Oxford 2012.

Tom Standage, Author and Journalist


Tom Standage is digital editor at The Economist and editor-in-chief of its website, Economist.com. He has been editor of the Technology Quarterly supplement, which covers emerging technology, since 2003. Tom is also the author of six history books, including the forthcoming “Writing on the Wall” (October 2013), the New York Times bestseller “A History of the World in Six Glasses” (2005), and “The Victorian Internet” (1998), a history of the telegraph. He holds a degree in engineering and computer science from Oxford University, and is the least musical member of a musical family. He is married and lives in London.

Sebastien Thiel

Sebastian Thiel, Director and Social Entrepreneur

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Sebastian Thiel is a rising social entrepreneur & film director in the UK with experience in producing, editing, writing, and camera operation. In his late teens he created Its Upshot, a production and online broadcasting company that creates content with a real take – out value. 

Thiel was recently put on the 1000 most influential people list in London for Evening Standard. His first short film ‘Illegal Activity’ was screened at the BAFTA, Google HQ, and Warner Brothers. It achieved over 138,000 views on YouTube and Thiel’s Upshot TV channel is currently at 6.8 Million views and growing. His hunger has already, quite literally, paid off. He is the recipient of the Mini Mogul Award and UnLtd award, as well as winning the Google Zeitgeist Young minds competition. His achievements at 22 positioned him as one to watch amongst the who’s who of the media business world.

Stan Wang

Stan Wang, Innovator & Entrepreneur


Stan is working on creating non-embryonic stem cells for use in regenerative medicine with recent Nobel Prize winner, Sir John Gurdon. He works on a technique that takes tissue from any part the body and gives it embryonic stem cell-like properties. Technologies like this could have a significant impact on shaping the future of medicine and transforming human health. Stan is currently a PhD student in Surgery, NIH-Cambridge MD/PhD Scholar, and Gates Scholar at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Heather White

Heather White, Connector and Networking Architect

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Heather White is an international speaker, coach and author specialising in the subject of career and business networking. Called a Networking Architect, Heather can help anyone achieve their goals through authentic but strategic relationships. For about 90% of us, networking is not natural but most would agree it is essential. So Heather helps people and team by using practical and fun approaches, assessing how to ‘read’ situations, applying strategies aligned to outcomes all wrapped up in ‘what works for you?. Her clients include professors to graduates, from sales people to scientist and senior management. We all need to build relationships – Heather supplies the know-how.

Clive Wilkins

Clive Wilkins, Artist and Writer


Clive is a fine artist and writer, and is currently an Artist in Residence in the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University. He has exhibited widely, including at the National Portrait Gallery, London, at the Royal Academy and in private galleries in Cork Street, London – where he had a one man show in 2007. His work can be found in public and private collections. Clive has produced portraits of Sir Howard Hodgkin and Sir Peter Blake amongst others and has been presented publicly to HRH Princess Royal. His current project, ‘Moustachio’, is a novel in four parts. It explores imagination and questions aspects of consciousness and reality amidst the miasma of being.