How to Enter

To enter you must submit a short video, of no more than 2 minutes in length, of yourself pitching your proposed talk. Videos should be uploaded to You Tube (instructions to upload videos as Unlisted, and thus not visible to anyone other than yourself and who you choose to share it with are here) and the link to the video should be pasted into the application form.

Click here for the Application Form.

Your pitch must:

  • summarize what you wish to talk about at TEDx Oxbridge

  • demonstrate your passion for your subject

  • show your ability to educate, inspire, and motivate

There is no requirement to use slides or any other materials other than yourself in your pitch. You are not being judged on the quality of your video production, but on your potential as a speaker, and on the fit of your chosen topic to both the TEDx ethos and the theme for TEDx Oxbridge.

Should you be selected for the Final Round you will will be asked to deliver your proposed talk – which should be 5-8 minutes in length – to a panel of judges.

Oxford Final – date TBC – venue TBC

Cambridge Final – date TBC – venue TBC

Closing date for submissions is 15 March 2014. You must be a current student at Oxford or Cambridge University. 

What should your talk be about?

This is the beauty of TEDx. The theme of the day is broad – “Leaps and Boundaries.” Speakers will be reflecting on how our lives are being, or could be, changed by the forces at play in the modern world, as well as upon the constraints that may limit such change. As such, should your passion be technological, scientific, political, sociological or cultural, there is scope for you have a voice.

You tell us why what you have to say is relevant. We will listen. And perhaps the rest of the world will too.

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