Production Team

TEDxOxbridge was made possible by the brilliant work of our Oxbridge team:

Anima Sarah LaVoy – Executive Producer
Xavier Helgesen – Executive Producer
Sean Holt – Executive Producer
Patrick Keenan – Producer and Design Director, Oxford
Lucy Bartlett – Producer and Staging Director, Oxford
Anna Tuveson – Producer, Cambridge
Jun Shiomitsu – Producer, Cambridge
Josh Weissburg – Sponsorship, Oxford
Mike Szymanski – Sponsorship, Oxford
Noa Epstein – Sponsorship, Cambridge
Erica Mackey – Guest Selection, Oxford
Elizabeth Ritchey – Guest Selection, Oxford
Chris Roe – Venue Production, Oxford
Kazu Suematsu – Staging, Oxford
Nigel Tunnacliffe – Web, Oxford
Chris McCormick – Web, Oxford

And of course all of our event sponsors.