Time Activity Location
10:00 – 11:00 Registration Lobby / Reception
11:00 – 12:30 SESSION 1:  INTRODUCTION & “CONNECTING THROUGH TIME” Nelson Mandela Theatre
* Welcome and Introduction *
Tom Standage, Author & Journalist
“Lessons from Ancient Social Media”
Most people assume that today’s social-media environment is unprecedented. But the idea of social media actually has deep historical roots, extending back to Roman times. It turns out that many of the questions prompted by social media in the 21st century have arisen before, which means that history can provide valuable lessons for us today.
Henrietta Moore, Cultural Theorist
“Encountering Others”
You can’t get by in the world without meeting other people. But, humans have a fatal fascination with difference which might explain why they find it hard to share.
Kübra Gümüsay, Writer and Columnist
“Power of Stories – Muslims on the Web”
We don’t dare to meet “The Other,” talk and listen to “The Other.” We don’t share our stories with “The Other” and hence don’t discover “Us.” But I thought to myself: What’s easier than a click? In my talk I will share my personal discovery of the power of stories in the digital age.
Merritt Moore, Ballerina and Physicist
“Timeless Duet”
A duet that combines the rigour and timeless beauty of classical technique with a passionate modern twist will be performed by Merritt Moore and guest dancer Adam Kirkham from Balletboyz. They lay bare the scaffolding of their own performance by drawing inspiration from everyday encounters, whether in the lab, the dance studio or in the street.
Heather White, Connector and Networking Architect
“It’s Not About ‘Working the Room’ “
So when the word ‘networking’ is mentioned what images and emotions does that conjure up for you? Terror, excitement, fear, fun, extra work, OMG!! Maybe all of these. The most frequently asked questions Heather hears are  “How do I work the room?” quickly followed by “So how do you break into a group?” She’ll provide some simple, but effective tips to meet new people here today.
12:30 – 14:00 LUNCH BREAK
14:00 – 15:45 SESSION 2:  “DEFINING TODAY” Nelson Mandela Theatre
Jocelyn Bailey, Designer, Think-tanker
“Revolution by Design”
What can politics learn from design? Jocelyn will discuss some of the traits, behaviours and attitudes often exhibited by designers, and the inspiration they could provide for those fed up with the dysfunctionality of politics.
Sebastian Thiel, Director and Social Entrepreneur
“Entertainment Raised Me”
Entertainment plays a massive part in raising people. Its influence contributes to choices and the respective outcomes in one’s life. Entertainment has a powerful affect on who you become, after all, you are what you watch.
Nicky Clayton, Scientist and Dancer, and Clive Wilkins, Artist and Writer
“Conversation Without Words”
Thinking without words is the alternative way of capturing thoughts – a new way of thinking. This concerns the subjective experience of thinking, the use of imaginative powers to think outside the box.
Renée Mitchell, Police Pracademic
“Policing with Compassion”
Policing has become a conveyor belt of criminal apprehension feeding the criminal justice system so that statistics for arrest and prosecution remain high.  It is time for policing to return to Peel’s original vision of policing and for police to deter crime and disorder while maintaining community relations.
Prajwal Ciryam, Scholar and Technologist
“Searching for Simple”
As we look up at the stars, or down into the inner workings of our bodies, or around at society’s chaotic mesh of relationships, triumphs, and disasters, the world can seem like a complicated place. Finding the simple principles that produce such rich complexity — this has been the driving force of discovery for thousands of years. This search for simplicity, though bold and necessary, is fraught with hazards and limitations. From politics to polymers, we should look for simple rules in noisy places, but we must do so with humility.
15:45 – 16:30 TEA BREAK Lobby / Reception
16:30 – 18:00 SESSION 3:  “THE ART & SCIENCE OF TOMORROW” Nelson Mandela Theatre
Ed Dowding, Relentless enthusiast
“The Great Feast”
Ed would like to invite you to take a journey to see what your world would be like if we didn’t take food for granted. If we remembered that food is the vital foundation of civilisation. Let’s see what happens when we harness the power of food to shape our society.
Stephen Honan, Engineer & Adventurer
“Unexpected Innovation”
Arsenic contaminated drinking water affects over 150 million people worldwide.  Oxford engineer and geographer, Stephen Honan details an exciting but simple solution: a natural filter which produces clean drinking water.  And the best part is that the filter is 100% recyclable.
Stan Wang, Innovator & Entrepreneur
“RegenMed: The Future is Here (Almost)”
The underpinnings for regenerative medicine can be found throughout the eras of human history. In Greek mythology, Prometheus—for stealing fire for human use—was sentenced to an eternity of an eagle feeding on his liver, which would regenerate to be eaten again the next day. From historical crusades for the Fountain of Youth to a modern obsession with Botox, humanity has always been fascinated with eternal life. Now with the advent of stem cell technologies and their applications, we have an opportunity to not only extend, but also meaningfully improve the quality of life for people around the world in the coming decades.
Alexander Kumar, Doctor and Explorer
“Malaria to Mars”
Alex will talk about his experience living in Antractica and why he is undertaking this mission.  He will ultimately answer the question – why should the human race invest its precious and finite resources into space exploration?
* Closing *
18:00 – 19:00 RECEPTION Lobby / Reception

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