Schedule of Events

9:30 Session One: Me, Myself, and Us
TEDx Intro [Video]
Brian Little: Confessions of a Passionate Introvert
Scott Schnaars: Quantified Self in the Workplace
Simone Schnall: Mountains into Molehills: How Your Bodily State Affects Your Perception
11:15 BREAK
11:45 Session Two: Small Media Large
Alexa Meade: Your Body is My Canvas [Video]
Andy Zaltzman: The Power of Podcasting — From Jesus Christ to Andy Zaltzman
Asim Haneef: Can Reality TV be a Force for Social Change?
Cory Doctorow: How to Break the Internet
Ampisound: Showreel/Mirror’s Edge [Video]
13:00 Lunch and Q&A with Phil Doyle from Ampisound
14:00 Session Three: When Worlds Collide
Louie Shwartzberg: Hidden Miracles of the Natural World [Video]
Shlomo [Performance]
Lance Howarth: Empowering a Generation
Christian Busch/John Egan: The Future of Communities
Robyn Scott: Leadership Lessons Behind Bars
15:30 BREAK
16:00 Session Four: Uncommon Knowledge
Dan O’Neill: The Economics of Enough
George Bell: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Future
Bobby McFerrin: Watch Me Play…the Audience! [Video]
Sara Serradas Duarte: Why Universities Should Invest in Education
Aubrey de Grey: Undoing Aging with Regenerative Medicine
Mr Fogg [Performance]
17:45 Evening Reception