2013: Timeless Ideas

Throughout history, the Oxford and Cambridge communities have been home to Nobel Peace Prize winners, disruptive start-ups, world-renowned musicians, and championship winning athletes. TEDxOxbridge draws on these powerful communities to challenge previous boundaries and broaden thought horizons.

In history, we memorialize the past and teach our children about those individuals who shaped our present. Those individuals whose ideas have resonated throughout time, whose words reverberate through the halls of history.

This year’s event, themed Timeless Ideas, is about the ideas and initiatives that have stood strong throughout the evolution of our society. This event showcases speakers that encapsulate the past, present, and future of art, technology, science, literature, and other important, relevant, timeless topics.

Join us as we explore Timeless Ideas at this year’s TEDxOxbridge. Buy your ticket today — this event will sell out!